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HUMANA Second Hand is a second hand store and non-profit association based in Sweden. Our mission is to make it easy for our customers to buy the latest trends without having to consume newly manufactured items. We believe in circular use as opposed to linear production and that sustainability does not need to be compromised in order to wear the current trends.

We offer a curated and contemporary selection of clothes, footwear and accessories in all our stores. By being one step ahead of the trends – and one step behind in clothing manufacturing – we can present a unique assortment which challenges the fast fashion platforms. Identities are being shaped at HUMANA Second Hand, and we take great pride and responsibility in leading the way to a modern approach to clothing consumption.

HUMANA Second Hand was founded in 1982 as a part of HUMANA Sverige, which is a non-profit humanistic association that collects and sells used textiles, clothes, footwear and accessories. All surplus goes to development aid projects that contributes to ecological, social and economic sustainability. HUMANA Sverige aims to reduce our ecological footprint by reuse, thereby keeping waste to a minimum.

Together we can make a difference without sacrificing the resources of our planet. At HUMANA Second Hand you can treat yourself with a clear conscience.

Read more about HUMANA Sverige’s mission and projects HERE.

HUMANA Sverige consists of HUMANA Sverige Miljö- och Biståndsförening and its wholly owned subsidiary HUMANA Klädinsamling AB.

HUMANA Klädinsamling AB: 559351-6510

HUMANA Sverige Miljö- och Biståndsförening: 822001-5930

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