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We implement camera surveillance in our HUMANA Second Hand stores in Sweden. The purpose is to prevent, detect, and investigate crimes and accidents. Recorded material is used only for the purpose stated above, and access to the material is limited and covered by investigation confidentiality. 


We conduct camera surveillance in our stores to increase security and reduce the risk of crimes like robbery, threats, and theft. Surveillance takes place in areas where customers are present, but never in private areas like changing rooms or restrooms. Recorded material is only used to prevent and investigate crimes. The surveillance footage, considered personal data under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is securely stored for a maximum of 30 days or as long as any investigation is ongoing. The footage is accessible only to a select few within the company. In case of verified criminal activity, the footage may be shared with law enforcement agencies. To inform customers, GDPR-compliant signage regarding the camera surveillance is visibly displayed in our stores. To make it clear that camera surveillance is in operation, there are visible decals and information in all our HUMANA Second Hand stores in Sweden.

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