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HUMANA Collected is an art collection concept where we invite established as well as emerging artists to collaborate with us. The idea is simple: we borrow the art for one year, showcase it in our stores and donate all profits from the sold posters to a charity organization chosen by the artist in question. Since we do not require a piece exclusively made for us, all artists keep the property rights to their artworks. Our wish is to highlight new and diverse expressions.


The first edition of HUMANA Collected emerged in 2021 and was expressed through T-shirts and posters in a limited edition, where all profit were donated to different charity organizations individually chosen by the creator in question. A total of six artists contributed with nine artworks, which so far has generated a total of 101 156 SEK donated to the following organizations:

Egalia Ungdom

Kvinna till Kvinna

Läkarmissionen mot könsstympning


Sea Shepherd

Suicide Zero

This edition of HUMANA Collected consists of seven creators and 14 posters, each in a limited edition. Every poster cost 150 SEK and all profits will be donated to a charity organization individually chosen by the creator.

The artists of HUMANA Collected 2023 has chosen to support the following organizations, to which we will donate all profits:



Amnesty Sverige



Kvinna till Kvinna


Noas Ark

HUMANA Collected 2023 posters will be available for purchase in all HUMANA Second Hand stores in Sweden starting February 22nd 2023.

Alice Göransson.jpg



Alice grew up in Ås, Jämtland but moved to Stockholm in the fall of 2020. Here she attends her first year at Konstfack, studying their Graphic Design and Illustration program. Alice has studied art for almost five years but has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Despite this, she has never felt inclined to call herself an artist. When being asked, she usually describes herself as a cartoonist.


In her artwork Alice mostly uses paper and a black marker pen. Occasionally coloring her drawings digitally, she prefers them to be colored using watercolor or ink. Alice finds inspiration in family, friends, music, and animations as well as cartoonists such as Ralph Bakshi and Per Åhlin. 


Alice has a fascination for drawing what may be uncomfortable to look at or talk about, often resulting in either naked or anxious looking characters - and sometimes both. However, Alice's pieces contain a clear playfulness and since her characters do not take themselves too seriously, neither should we.


Alice has chosen to support CANCERFONDEN and we will donate all profit there.

Anton Ströbeck.jpg



Anton is a Malmö-based artist, studying Fine Arts at Östra Grevie Folkhögskola. His painting technique can be described as naïve, direct, and intuitive where the visual narratives in his works critically yet playfully comment on themes of masculinity and consumption.  


When painting, details and color selection are done intuitively, leaving room for the feeling and message to change during the work process. Through his color choices, compositions and contemporary references Anton creates a pop culture observation where he reviews our contemporary times, like an echo. 



Anton has chosen to support AMNESTY Sverige and we will donate all profit there.

Aviwe Apleni_edited.jpg



Aviwe (Avi or Av, for short) is a Göteborg-based artist. Working as a video editor with a background in film studies, his obsession with visuals has always been a major part of both his work and his play.

For Aviwe, art is for expressing feelings and experiences, as well as a means to communicate with others about theirs. An enthusiastic listener, he's captivated by other people's stories, perspectives, emotions and coping mechanisms. With this in mind, perhaps it isn't surprising that his work takes many different forms. He's a true tinkerer, and each medium scratches a different itch.

Whether it be a paintbrush dipped in acrylic or gouache, a shoddy film camera, some charcoal, pastels, or animation programs with all their bells and whistles, one thing is for certain- his work will be expressionistic.

As for his paintings, they are most often made using the alla prima approach, also known as the wet-on-wet method, meaning he tends to complete the bulk of the work in one sitting. By painting according to this principle, Aviwe is able to hold onto the feeling or the story that compelled him to pick up the brush in the first place.



Aviwe has chosen to support AFRIKAGRUPPERNA and we will donate all profit there.

Lina Alarabi.jpg


Lina works with illustration, animation, and graphic design. Originally from Uppsala, she is now studying Graphic Design and Illustration at Konstfack in Stockholm. Lina’s visual expression is colorful, playful and puts the woman in focus. 


For Lina, communication is key, and she begins her work by keeping a certain message and/or emotion in mind. Music also plays a big role at the early stages of Lina’s creative process as it is a powerful way to transport her senses to the world she wants to convey. Finally, reference images are important to develop and produce a visual composition. These she finds everywhere: in movies, nature, the grocery store, on walks and through people around her. However, Lina is not particularly attached to specific methods or sources of inspiration. The world is big and complex, and she looks forward to discovering and incorporating more of it in her artistic journey.


Lina has chosen to support BARNCANCERFONDEN and we will donate all profit there.

Fritz Østeb.jpeg


Fritz has studied at Konstfack in Stockholm and as an artist he experiments with all sorts of two- and three-dimensional creations. With a sense of historical weight, Fritz explores the notion of absurdity and overconsumption. He finds interest in translating the questioning of oneself into an obvious intuition of universally known shapes and symbolic. By mimicking archeological shapes, Fritz wants to warn against future repetition. Animal figures are used as a sign of tamed nature and failed humans. Post digital aesthetic as a way to conjure the spell of the ultra-connected era.


For Fritz, all materials and all technology are interesting, depending on the mood for the day. When not creating, Fritz enjoys being out in nature and digging soil, which is implemented in his practice. He finds inspiration in everything between consumer society and popular culture as well as ancient folk beliefs and religion, with its suspended mystery and scenography.


In his work, Fritz often starts at a place where he has been, whether emotionally or physically, and then bringing it back to life in a sculptural form. Fritz usually uses discarded materials that once had a life but now only reflect the disgust we have for them.



Fritz has chosen to support NOAKS ARK and we will donate all profit there.

Fritz_2_ Collected.jpg
Fritz_1_ Collected.jpg



Klara was born in Värmland but now lives in Stockholm, where she’s studying Visual Communication at Beckmans College of Design. Apart from her studies, Klara works as a freelance designer as well as AD and play the drums in a punk band. The latter having been a great source of inspiration of Klara, who’s interest in design and art emerged through the DIY culture.


As a freelancer, Klara works with a broad clientele spectrum, but her true passion can be found in designing album covers and merch for bands and artists. Her illustrations have been published in magazines such as NME, Brand and Rolling Stone and her clients have been everyone between girl in red and Christer Sjögren.


Klara mainly works with digital illustration in the program Procreate but do a lot of finishing work in Photoshop and Illustrator. She believes that digital illustrations often can be a bit cold but tries to counteract that aesthetic by working with her own textures and different elements. Her goal has always been to build her own twisted world with a focus on strange proportions and color combinations.


Klara has chosen to support KVINNA TILL KVINNA and we will donate all profit there.

Nour Havemose2.JPEG



Nour is a Stockholm based artist and visual designer working in mediums as illustration, graphic design, tattooing, photography and film. When working in illustration, Nour likes to challenge and bend the perception of illustration by exploring darker motives and subjects.


The ambition is often to create something aesthetically appealing but with undertones of surrealism and weirdness, potentially portraying something that feels absurd. The process in technical terms often consist of going back and forth between sketching analogically and digital, adding linework, natural colours and tones.


Nour is currently studying Visual Communication at The Royal Academy in Copenhagen and will graduate in spring 2023.


Nour has chosen to support MASKROSBARN and we will donate all profit there.

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