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HUMANA Collected – OPEN CALL – Release in February


HUMANA Collected is an art collection concept where we invite established as well as emerging artists to collaborate with us. The concept is anchored in two fields: highlighting new expressions and contributing to charity. As a chosen creator for HUMANA Collected, your piece of art will be printed as a poster and will be showcased as well as available for purchase in all HUMANA Second Hand stores in Sweden. All profit from your poster will be donated to a charity organization of your own choice.


By lending your art, we do not require a piece exclusively made for us. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we root for recycling, which is recognized in everything we do. As a part of HUMANA Sweden, we are both a second hand store and a non-profit organization. As a customer, you are a part of something bigger than just supporting your local second hand store. When purchasing from HUMANA Second Hand you are choosing a sustainable way of consuming along with providing a longer lifetime for the garment and contributing to job opportunities and donations to aid projects in our member countries. 


The first edition of HUMANA Collected emerged in 2021 and was expressed through T-shirts and posters in a limited edition, where all profit were donated to different charity organizations individually chosen by the creator in question. A total of six artists contributed with nine artworks, which so far has generated a total of 101 156 SEK donated to the following organizations:

Suicide Zero

Egalia Ungdom

Sea Shepherd


Kvinna till Kvinna

Läkarmissionen mot könsstympning

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