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Are you an artist, illustrator, photographer or/and a writer? Would you like for one of your pieces to be featured in our stores and at the same time support an organization of your own choice? We want to collect your artwork!


Through HUMANA Collected we welcome established as well as emerging artists to collaborate with us. The idea is simple: let us borrow your existing artwork and we will print it on posters for sale in all our HUMANA Second Hand stores in Sweden. You choose a charity organization to where we will donate all profit.



We welcome all creations: art, illustrations, sketches, poems, notes, statements, photographies etc. You decide what you wish to submit. Please note that you do not need to create something new, the idea is that we borrow one of your already existing pieces. If selected, you are required to present your piece of art in a high definition version. So keep this in mind if we select your artwork for printing.


Apply with: 

1. Your portfolio/website/Instagram – you are of course welcome to send as many contributions as you like

2. A short description about you and your artistry

3. A charity organization you wish to support

Send your application to: by December 1st 2022 at the latest!


Please note that the artwork(s) needs to exist in a high definition version in order for us to print it. This version does not need to be attached in your application but be prepared that we will ask for it at a later stage. We will let you know our final decision via mail by December 9th 2022. 


If we choose to use your artwork for poster printing, you will receive:


1. A symbolic payment

2. HUMANA Second Hand gift card

3. A personal discount valid in all our Sweden stores.


HUMANA Second Hand will handle the poster printing process along with the distribution. If selected, your print will be available for purchase in all HUMANA Second Hand stores in Sweden (Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö). Neither HUMANA Second Hand nor the creator acts as the profit recipient since the purpose of HUMANA Collected is to donate to a charity organization chosen by the creator in question. Therefore all profit made from your particular poster will be donated to a charity organization chosen by you.


Curious about our previous artists? Read more about them HERE!

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