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This November we proudly present our latest HUMANA X collaboration together with STUDIO 0924. Consisting of footwear and accessories, this exclusive mini collection is entirely based on reused leather pieces from HUMANA Second Hand. 


The concept behind HUMANA X is to invite external creators and designers to collaborate with us through remake and upcycling, where the reconstruction of objects provides them with a longer and hopefully more intriguing lifetime. 


We got to talk with the designer and producer behind STUDIO 0924.


HUMANA Second Hand: Hi STUDIO 0924! You are the creative mind behind our new HUMANA X collaboration. Tell us more about this collection, what does it consist of?


STUDIO 0924: This collection consists of 15 pieces in total. Six shoes, six leather accessories and three pieces of jewelry.


HSH: How did the concept STUDIO 0924 come to life?


S: It started out as a form of expression, when the access to a workshop did not exist. The concept is to remake and give old items a new life. To deconstruct and reconstruct.


HSH: What was the vision and inspiration behind this collection? 


S: Usually every project starts with either texture, a feeling or a sound as an inspirational starting point. This collection started from the color scheme and texture from the leather jacket, that is incorporated in all the collection’s products, the jewelry excluded. The main vision was to create a collection that played with juxtapositions; of femininity and masculinity, strong and soft, exaggeration and subtleness. 


Working on this collection, STUDIO 0924 refers to their favorite moment when something slowly changes shape and becoming something other than its original structure, without losing the initial core. Of course, every project must even face some challenges on the way.


S: The most difficult part of working with remake is to be able to deconstruct and reconstruct an existing product with the features and possible limitations that they might have. To remake an object into something new that has the standard that STUDIO 0924 is aiming to reach.


HSH: What are your thoughts about trends, consumption and sustainability?


S: Trends are in way a search and longing for communion and acceptance. Not only in relation to fashion but in all aspects. Consumption is inevitable in some degree. STUDIO 0924 strongly believes that awareness is the key. The problem is not consumption per se – it’s the mindset, without thought and awareness over consuming just for the sake of consuming. Business is depending on consumers to buy their products, services and ideas.

The long-term solution is awareness and sustainability shouldn’t really be categorized as only an option any longer. A sustainable mindset is deeply embedded in all aspects of STUDIO 0924.


Another significant voice behind the latest HUMANA X collaboration is Malin Knoester Thoursie, strategic buyer at HUMANA Second Hand. Malin shares that the idea behind the collaboration was to create an androgynous collection with a well-crafted expression and a touch of goth. As well as STUDIO 0924, Malin highlights the classic leather jacket as the common thread of the collection. When initiating the collaboration, Malin’s role was to assist with materials as well as conveying which expressions, styles and details would be incorporated in order to match the tonality of HUMANA Second Hand. 


HSH: As a support to STUDIO 0924 along the entire creative process, did the process take a different turn than planned or did something unexpected happen?


Malin Knoester Thoursie: The process constantly took slightly different turns. Mainly because the original material already existed, and all pieces were in different conditions which affected what could and could not be done. New styles and details therefore emerged along the way, inspired by the materials and shoes available. Using the leather jacket as a common thread in all the shoes was, for example, something that happened along the way.


HSH: What is the idea behind HUMANA X and why collaborations with external parties?


M: To support and highlight designers who works with recycled materials. To inspire and show what you can do with, in this case, a pair of shoes where the soles have come off – they still have a statement to give, just in a slightly different form.

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