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  • Send us an email to to request a loan

  • State your company/artist/stylist info

  • Tell us about the project you want to borrow clothes for

  • Attach a website and/or social media regarding the project in question

  • Explain where and when the images will be published

  • Inform us which store and date you wish to borrow the clothes from

  • Please note that you will need a confirmed loan approval from us 48 hours before visiting the store



  • We lend out a maximum of 10 items for a maximum of seven days

  • We do not lend garments for motion picture

  • Lending and returning of items can only take place on Monday – Thursday before 1 p.m.

  • Our trademark may not be used in any context that violates the Discrimination Act

  • HUMANA Second Hand must be mentioned when the pictures are published. This applies to all types of media (newspapers, magazines, social media). For social media (Instagram/TikTok), tag:

  • If the images are published in international media, HUMANA Second Hand Sweden must be printed

  • HUMANA Second Hand have the right to publish, share and tag the images on our digital platforms

  • Borrowed garments must be returned in the same condition as they were in at the time of lending

  • Price tags must remain on the borrowed garments – except for when the price tag risks to be visible in the image. If you have removed the price tag, be sure to save and bring the loose price tags when you return the clothes

  • Borrowed garments must be returned no later than the agreed date. If garments have been lost, damaged, or are in worse condition than they were at the time of lending – you must compensate us for the total value of the clothes

  • If you get your request approved, show your confirmation e-mail at the checkout in connection with the loan

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