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Holy sheets! Have you seen this bag? Well no, because it just rolled out of bed and let’s be honest – a piece of cotton cloth has never looked this good. Let us introduce you to this 5-star experience: Hotel Bag! The Hotel Bag is available in all HUMANA Second Hand stores in Sweden for the modest price of 90 SEK. 



Remade from hotel sheets, this bag is both luxurious and thrifty. And just like that king size bed, the Hotel Bag is wide and spacious with a light feel. It carries everything you might need, whether you’re going on a trip or planning a shopping spree at your favorite HUMANA store.



The Hotel Bag can be styled and worn in endless variety. The material is usually white-on-white stripes or plain white. The shade can differ slightly, depending on the number of washes and what type of sheet it is. Wear it as you wish and give it a makeover if you feel like it. To inspire you, we have made a few redesigns of our own. And we can’t wait to see your creations and styling. Watch our remakes on TIKTOK or INSTAGRAM.


The Hotel Bag is an exclusive and conscious design made by yours truly – the rest is up to you! 



The Hotel Bag reduces climate footprints by consisting solely of redesigned hotel sheets that have been discarded due to smaller imperfections. Compared to recycled or virgin textile fibers, the material to make the Hotel Bag saves up to 64% of the environmental impact*. 


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We teamed up with Reused Remade to make the Hotel Bag. They redesign leftover and discarded hotel textiles in order to prolong their life in a different form.


The hotel sheets are discarded when they have a hole or a stain. The sheets are owned by the laundry company who leases them to the hotels and thereby supplies the discarded sheets to Reused Remade.


The sheets identified with holes or stains get washed, collected and sent to the factory for cutting, printing and sewing. Since 80% of the climate and environmental impact comes from the production phase of textiles, resources are being saved by reusing materials such as hotel sheets*.


In terms of climate impact, the production of Hotel Bag is 90% more CO2 efficient compared to a virgin eco cotton bag. The total emissions per kg textile finished products (i.e. textile bags) correspond to approximately 1.5 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents and according to Naturvårdsverket***, textiles in general generate 10-40 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents per kg textile.


The bags are sewn at a factory in Pakistan, which was certified as Good Environmental Choice**** until December 31, 2022 when the Swedish Nature Conservation Society decided to phase out the category ”Textile” from their areas of possible certification. However, the high production standards will remain. The factory is family-owned with approximately 100 employees and is audited annually by SMETA/Sedex for social responsibility and holds an ISO 9001 certification.

Please note that there is no open purchase/right of exchange on the Hotel Bag and it can not be combined with a discount offer.





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