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HUMANA Collected 2024


Join us to celebrate our HUMANA Collected 2024 Vernissage in your local HUMANA Store. RSVP HERE!


HUMANA Collected is an art collection concept where we invite established as well as emerging artists to collaborate with us. The idea is simple: we borrow the art for one year, showcase it in our stores and donate all profits from the sold posters to a charity organization chosen by the artist in question. Since we do not require a piece exclusively made for us, all artists keep the property rights to their artworks. Our wish is to highlight new and diverse expressions.


The first edition of HUMANA Collected emerged in 2021 and was expressed through T-shirts and posters in a limited edition, where all profit were donated to different charity organizations individually chosen by the creator in question. A total of 13 artists contributed with 23 artworks since 2021, which so far has generated a total of 205 106 SEK donated to the following organizations:

Egalia Ungdom

Kvinna till Kvinna

Läkarmissionen mot könsstympning


Sea Shepherd

Suicide Zero 


Amnesty Sverige




Noas Ark

HUMANA Collected 2024 posters will be available for purchase in all HUMANA Second Hand stores in Sweden starting May 30th 2024.

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